hairlucinationswigs ABOUT HAIRLUCINATIONS


50+ years hair salon experience

We have vast experience in the hair industry, and know the styles that have been loved through this time. Our award-winning hair salon in Liverpool provides BESPOKE HAIR SYSTEMS if you want to change your look, with an array of colours, styles and length or if as part of HAIR LOSS.

We have experience with hair loss that has been caused by scarring such as Lupus, burn scars or permanent alopecia in specific areas. We can create a bespoke hair system that can blend in seamlessly with your own hair. We can guarantee a flawless alternative solution. We can craft a hair system specifically for you for any area or your entire scalp if needed.

Why Us?

Hairlucinations has been trading in Bootle, Liverpool since the early 70’s, with the name Hairlucinations being established in 1973. The name was built on the national and international success in hairdressing competition work.

This form of hairdressing was prevalent around this time, and our success established a solid reputation we have been able to maintain to this day. We work very hard to not only provide exceptional hairdressing but also to provide very personal and individual services. I believe that by encouraging individuality in our team, we can offer more original and relevant hairdressing. Hairlucinations provides a more personal touch than the international chains we compete with.

In recent years, due to an increase in popularity and client requests for more specialised services, we as a company expanded into the business of wigs (POSTICHE), and hair replacement systems for both men (in-store only) and women. These services have since developed into the companies below. Click on the icons below to find out more.