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It's All About Connie

Introducing the Connie Wig from the Amore collection by René of Paris - a refined choice from Hairlucinations that embodies the perfect elfin cut, designed to elegantly complement diverse face shapes.

Key Features:

  • Double Monofilament: Enjoy a natural appearance with the innovative double monofilament construction, seamlessly imitating hair growth from your scalp for unmatched realism and comfort.
  • Face-Framing Design: The 9cm fringe delicately grazes your brow, artfully blending into side layers that gracefully cascade onto your face and culminate in razored points, forming a chic and flattering pixie style.
  • Layered Contour: With layers expertly tapering over the ear and contouring the top, the Connie Wig offers a pretty cropped look that maintains its flattering shape while avoiding undue snugness.
  • Weightless Feel: Weighing a mere 2oz, this wig guarantees an exceptionally lightweight and comfortable experience, empowering you to wear it confidently and effortlessly throughout your day.
  • Enhanced Security: The Connie features a discreet poly tape strip at the front, providing a secure anchor for wig tape if desired, especially beneficial for those seeking extra confidence in the face of hair loss.

Elevate your style with the Connie Wig by Amore - an embodiment of grace, comfort, and timeless allure.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.

Connie wig
René of Paris
Amore Collection

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