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About Sapphire Boho Turban

Our BEST SELLER at Hairlucinations, the Sapphire Boho Turban Set from the new Boho Spirit collection by Christine Headwear is a beautiful and trendy style. It is designed for women who are looking for feminine and incredibly comfortable headwear.

The Boho Turban set is made from crepe fabric and is incredibly easy to style into your desired look. The fabulous thing about this design is that it gives you plenty of fabulous styling options. Play with this and you have a look for every outfit. This is a very versatile turban to experiment with.

Please note: Christine Headwear recommends twisting the crepe fabric every now and then to keep the original look and shape. After washing, use your hands to twist the fabric, lay it flat, and leave it to dry.

Material: Viscose with Cotton Lining.

Sapphire Boho
Turban Set
Christine Headwear

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