50+ years hair salon experience

We have vast experience in the hair industry, and know the styles that have been loved through this time. Our award-winning hair salon in Liverpool provides BESPOKE HAIR SYSTEMS if you want to change your look, with an array of colours, styles and length or if as part of HAIR LOSS.

We have experience with hair loss that has been caused by scarring such as Lupus, burn scars or permanent alopecia in specific areas. We can create a bespoke hair system that can blend in seamlessly with your own hair. We can guarantee a flawless alternative solution. We can craft a hair system specifically for you for any area or your entire scalp if needed.

Why Us?

Hairlucinations has been trading in Bootle, Liverpool since the early 70’s, with the name Hairlucinations being established in 1973. The name was built on the national and international success in hairdressing competition work.

This form of hairdressing was prevalent around this time, and our success established a solid reputation we have been able to maintain to this day. We work very hard to not only provide exceptional hairdressing but also to provide very personal and individual services. I believe that by encouraging individuality in our team, we can offer more original and relevant hairdressing. Hairlucinations provides a more personal touch than the international chains we compete with.

In recent years, due to an increase in popularity and client requests for more specialised services, we as a company expanded into the business of wigs (POSTICHE), and hair replacement systems for both men (in-store only) and women. These services have since developed into the companies below. Click on the icons below to find out more.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How to wear a wig?

Ensuring a comfortable fit is vital when donning a wig. While a wig cap can be worn underneath, it's particularly important if you have hair. To put on a wig, position it on your head, and then adjust the tabs on either side for a secure fit around your temple area. The front of the wig should rest about four fingers above your eyebrow, aligning it with your hairline. At Hairlucinations Wigs, we provide professional fitting, styling, and aftercare guidance for various wig types.

How do I care for my wigs and hairpieces?

Maintaining the appearance and lifespan of wigs or hairpieces requires proper care. Employ dedicated wig shampoo and conditioner, avoiding brushing or combing when wet. To sustain shape and deter tangling, air dry on a wig stand. Limit heat styling and sun exposure. Store in a cool, dry place, either in a wig box or on a stand. For expert maintenance, repair, and professional cleaning of wigs and hairpieces, Hairlucinations Wigs provides comprehensive salon services.

How do I style wigs / hairpieces?

Achieving the perfect style for your wig or hairpiece is simplified through proper tools and techniques. Begin by delicately detangling with a wide-tooth comb or specialized wig brush, starting from the tips and progressing upward. When needed, opt for minimal heat on a low setting, using a thermal spray for protection. Unleash your creativity by experimenting with diverse hair accessories like clips, bands, and scarves to craft an array of styles. Hairlucinations Wigs provides professional salon services including precise cutting, styling, and customised enhancements for both wigs and hairpieces.

How to choose the right wig or hairpiece for me?

Selecting the ideal wig or hairpiece might feel like a daunting task, but it's crucial to factor in elements like style, shade, and proper fit. At Hairlucinations Wigs, we present an array of styles tailored to diverse face shapes and lifestyles. Additionally, we provide customization choices to ensure an impeccable match and fit. Our team of consultants is readily available to offer their professional insights and assistance.

How to secure a wig or hairpiece?

Various methods of attachment, such as clips, tapes, and glues, can be employed based on the wig or hairpiece type. At Hairlucinations Wigs, we provide salon services to ensure precise fitting and personalised adjustments for wigs and hairpieces.

How to measure head size for a wig or hairpiece?

For accurate wig or hairpiece fitting, employ a fabric tape measure to gauge head size. Measure the head's circumference from the hairline to the neck's nape and then across the forehead from ear to ear. Utilise these dimensions to determine the suitable wig size or seek guidance from a salon expert for precise fitting.

How to make a wig or hairpiece look natural?

For a seamless and natural appearance of wigs or hairpieces, opt for a style and shade that harmonizes with your own hair. Employ a wig cap to establish a sleek foundation, and contemplate incorporating baby hair or sideburns to achieve a lifelike hairline. Play around with diverse hair accessories and styles to craft an individualized and authentic look. For professional customisation and styling of wigs and hairpieces, consider Hairlucinations Wigs' salon services.

How to wash a wig or hairpiece?

Regular washing of wigs and hairpieces is essential to uphold their appearance and durability. Utilise appropriate products and adhere to aftercare guidelines meticulously to ensure the prolonged lifespan of your wig or hairpiece.

How to store wigs and hairpieces?

To ensure the longevity of wigs and hairpieces, store them in a cool, dry location, shielded from direct sunlight or heat. Utilize a stand or a poly head for maintaining their form and deterring tangling. Prevent storage in areas with high humidity and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

What are the different types of wigs and hairpieces?

Various categories of wigs and hairpieces encompass synthetic, human hair, high heat fiber, lace front, and monofilament options. Each category boasts distinct attributes and advantages. Selecting the appropriate wig or hairpiece hinges on individual requirements and inclinations.

Can wigs and hairpieces cause damage to natural hair?

Appropriately fitted, maintained, and nurtured wigs and hairpieces should not result in harm to natural hair.

How long do wigs and hairpieces typically last?

The durability of wigs and hairpieces varies based on hair type, length, and adherence to proper aftercare practices.

What are the different types of wigs and hairpieces?

Various categories of wigs and hairpieces encompass synthetic, human hair, high heat fiber, lace front, and monofilament options. Each category boasts distinctive attributes and advantages. The selection of a wig or hairpiece hinges on personal preferences and specific requirements.

Can wigs and hairpieces be customized or tailored to personal preferences?

Wigs and hairpieces frequently offer the option for personalisation to match individual preferences. This can include cutting, styling, and colouring to achieve the desired appearance. Hairlucinations Wigs' salon services provide customers with tailored customisation choices, ensuring their envisioned look is brought to life.

Do I need to wear a wig cap underneath my wig?

A wig cap is optional. It can be used to wrap up any existing hair or to act as a barrier against the wig.

How does a wig stay on?

The two important rules for putting on your wig correctly are to position the wig line at the front, 4 fingers width from your brow bone and to ensure the ear tabs on each side of the wig are evenly positioned to sit in front of your ears so the wig is straight. Hairpieces require a little practice. Our experienced wig specialists in our salon are more than happy to spend some time with you and advise how to do this.

I am worried that my wig might blow off in the wind?

This is a very rare situation. For extra security on very windy days, wear a hood, hat or scarf on top.

Will wearing a wig stop my hair from growing back?

No. A wig will not prevent your hair from growing back. However, if glues are used then please seek advice from your stylist.

Can I swim and exercise in my wig/hairpiece?

We wouldn't recommend this. However, if you do, we recommend you wear an old wig/hairpiece to swim in. If this is not possible, you must wash the wig or hairpiece immediately after to rinse out any chlorine etc.

Can I sleep in my wig/hairpiece?

We do not recommend this, it will cut the lifespan of the wig/hairpiece in half. However, we understand this is not always possible so if you do, sleeping on a silk pillow is recommended.

I have a long wig, can I wear it up?

You can wear the hair up, just keep it loose to avoid showing any joins or edging. Be careful when removing any hair accessories.

What aftercare products and accessories do I need for my wig?

This depends on what type of hair you have. Fibre hair, Flexi-Fibre and Human Hair have different aftercare products. We recommend a polyhead, workhead or collapsible wig stand to keep your wig on when you are not wearing it and for drying and a wig brush too. If you have a Flexi-Fibre hair wig, Gem/bespoke human hair or V-Hair wig/hairpiece, our straightening irons are perfect for styling.

What is the difference between a machine wefted and monofilament wig/hairpiece?

The term "Machine Wefted" means that the wig/hairpiece has been made by a machine. Because of this, the wig will have Permatease. Permatease is a slight frizz at the root of the fibre hair. This is to hide the machine made cap. Machine wefted wigs/hairpieces are available in the Noriko, Hi Fashion and Stimulate collections.

A monofilament top means that the hair has been hand knotted in to the cap on a skin like material to give the appearance of hair growing from the scalp. Monofilament wigs and hairpieces tend to look more natural but are a little bit more expensive because of the hand knotting. Monofilament wigs/hairpieces are available in Amore, Noriko, Sentoo Premium and Stimulate collections.

Can I use heat on my fibre hair wig/hairpiece?

No. Never use any kind of heated appliances, this will burn the fibre. Please also be careful when opening oven doors and standing near gas heaters etc. as these can also burn the hair.

How long does a fibre hair wig/hairpiece last?

The expected lifespan for a short fibre wig/hairpiece is 4-6 months. A mid-length or bob style is between 3-4 months and a long style is 2-3 months; these time frames are a approximate and are based on everyday wear and how well the wig/hairpiece is being looked after.

How do I wash my fibre hair wig/hairpiece and how often?

If you are wearing your fibre hair wig/hairpiece daily, it should be washed every 7-10 days. We recommend that you use T-Range Fibre aftercare products for washing. These products are specially formulated to cleanse fibre hair. Always follow the aftercare instructions that come with your wig/hairpiece.

Can my fibre hair wig/hairpiece be coloured?

No, fibre hair cannot be coloured. Fibre hair does eventually dull with age but it does not fade.

Can I cut my fibre hair wig/hairpiece?

All fibre hair wigs/hairpieces already come pre-styled but they can be personalised to suit you i.e. thinned and trimmed but the style cannot be changed completely.

Do wig caps come in different sizes?

The size of the wig cap depends on which collection you choose from. Most Amore, Noriko and Hi Fashion collections are one size of 54cm.

  • Sky is available in a large cap size of 57.5cm.

  • Stimulate has petite, average and large sizes available throughout the collection.

  • Sentoo Premium come in 53.5cm caps as well as petite (51cm) and large (55cm) caps.

  • All caps do have an adjustable strap inside so they can be adjusted ever so slightly if needed.

My wig has gone frizzy. What does this mean?

If your fibre hair wig/hairpiece has frizzed at the ends, this is called Friction Frizz. Friction Frizz is unfortunately unavoidable and will happen to medium to long wigs/hairpieces indefinitely. Friction Frizz occurs when the fibre hair rubs against clothing i.e. collars of shirts etc. This hair can be trimmed to reduce the amount of Friction Frizz, it is recommended that a new one is purchased.

Why choose human hair?

The texture of human hair is much softer and you have the ability to style to your required look as all of our Gem human hair wigs and enhancers come completely un-styled giving you free rein to have it cut and styled to exactly how you want it.

What types of human hair are available?

Our Gem human hair wigs and enhancers are made from Remy hair; a mixture of Chinese and Indian hair. Other types of human hair can be offered on our bespoke custom made wigs and hairpieces. These options will be discussed with your stylist in your consultation.

What type of base is the Gem Collection on?

Our Gem human hair wigs are constructed on a completely hand tied foundation, with a soft lace front and a smooth monofilament top. Other types of bases can be offered on our bespoke custom made wigs and hairpieces. These options will be discussed with your stylist in your consultation.

How long does a human hair wig/enhancer last?

Usually up to 9 months but this depends on how often the wig/enhancer is being worn and how much heat styling is being done to it. We would recommend that you have two per year. If wearing every day we advise you to have a second one to either alternate or to have a spare one in case of an emergency. Our Supplex human hair wigs may have a slightly shorter life span of up to 5 months due to the polyurethane base. There are various factors that may contribute towards the lifespan being shorter than 9 months. Please see below some tips for looking after your human hair wigs/enhancers

  • Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner which is sulphate and paraben free. We recommend using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Hydrate Conditioner - Also when conditioning the wig we recommend that the conditioner is only added to the middle length and ends of the hair not to the root area.
  • Don’t sleep in your human hair wig. If it is slept in, the lifespan will be 50% less. This is due to the friction and rubbing of the hair when sleeping - If it is necessary to sleep in your wig, a silk pillow case is recommended.
  • Wearing hats over your human hair wig can cause hair loss on the wig quicker. This is due to where the hat sits and rubs on the hair at the back and nape area.
  • You can braid or tie your human hair wig up but this will add pressure onto the hair causing some hair loss or breakage. The use of crocodile clips to tie the hair up can also cause hair loss.
  • Wearing glasses on top of your head or the use of a headset will result in constant rubbing where the glasses slide down the top and sides of the wig and can also cause some hair loss.
  • Please be gentle when brushing your wig after washing it. When wet, you will experience more hair shedding than normal. This is because when the hair is wet the knots become looser and once the hair starts to dry the knots become more secure. If you can leave the wig to air dry overnight you will find there is less stress on the hair than if you were to blow dry it from wet.

Can human hair be coloured?

Yes. However, we don't advise trying to lighten the hair; only darken it and always seek professional advice. All human hair will incur colour fade. This is due to an oxidization process that happens in the environment. This will occur within the first few months of wear. If you have a hair enhancer which contains grey content, the grey hair will not be able to be coloured as it is fibre hair and not human hair. The reason for this is because grey human hair goes yellow in the oxidization process.

Can I use heat appliances to style my human hair wig/enhancer?

Yes, Heat appliances such as hairdryers, curling tongs and straighteners can be used to achieve a desired look. However, we recommend that you use appliances such as straighteners with a temperature gauge as certain colours like 102/22 Pale Ash Blonde should not take heat exceeded over 180 degrees. If you have a hair enhancer which contains grey content, the grey hair will not be able to have any heat applied as it is fibre hair.

Can a human hair wig or enhancer be permed?

Yes, but it will lighten the colour and may make the hair dry because of the chemical process. Always seek professional advice beforehand.

Can I sleep in my human hair wig/enhancer?

We do not recommend that you do. However, we understand that this is not always possible. If you do, we suggest that you sleep on silk pillowcases but this will still cut the lifespan of the wig/enhancer because of the friction caused when you move around in your sleep. You will notice hair loss quickly and tangling of the hair.

Where do we ship too?

Our standard delivery charge is £5.99 inclusive of VAT for most parts of mainland UK and Northern Ireland. We do not ship to addresses outside the UK (a delivery address must have a valid UK post code).

How long does shipping take?

Our standard shipping delivery time takes up to 7 days to ensure your purchase is delivered in pristine condition.

Do we deliver internationally?

Unfortunately, we currently only offer services within the United Kingdom. We do not deliver worldwide. If you need more information on this, please email us: info@hairlucinationswigshop.com

What should I do if I haven't received my delivery?

If you haven't received your delivery, please let us know as soon as possible. Please email us: info@hairlucinationswigshop.com

What happens if my delivery arrives damaged?

In the unlikely event that your delivery arrives damaged please contact us immediately. Please email us: info@hairlucinationswigshop.com

Do we offer discounts for medical hair loss?

If your hair loss is due to a medical condition, you're eligible for VAT exemption on wigs or hair loss solutions when your GP is informed about your situation. To make a VAT-Free wig purchase, remember to choose this option during checkout and provide the required details. Please be aware that VAT exemption is applicable solely to wigs and hairpieces, and doesn't extend to other product types.

Unsure if you qualify?

If you have alopecia, are receiving chemotherapy, are chronically sick or have a disabling condition you should be eligible to claim VAT relief on purchases of wigs, qualifying hair pieces and services from Hairlucinations Wigs.

What products can I claim against?

HMRC have informed us that VAT relief and/or refunds can only be considered on purchases of wigs, qualifying hairpieces and services.

Accessories (including scarves, turbans, caps) or any aftercare products (including shampoo, conditioner, styling brushes or products) do not qualify for VAT exemption. If you are purchasing a wig using a voucher, any purchases that include VAT must be made separately from your qualifying VAT exempt wig purchase(s).

Wig Sizing Guide

Wig Sizing Guide | Hairlucinationswigs

Wig Sizing Guide from Hairlucinationswigs

Here, at Hairlucinationswigs, we suggest that just as you would consider and check the size for a new top or pair of shoes before you buy, it is essential to consider your correct wig measurements before you buy for the perfect fit.

If you are buying from our range of many gorgeous wigs, one of your first priorities should be to determine how to measure your head for a wig. This is a straightforward procedure that will ensure your wig measurements are right for you.

We can guide you through the wig measurement process and what sizes to look for in the estimated size guide below.

How to measure your head for a wig

Getting your wig measurements doesn’t have to be complicated – just follow these three easy steps! We have provided an image for reference to assist you.

  1. Take a soft tape measure and measure from the front of your hairline to just above your ears.
  2. Wrap the tape measure around to where your neck bends, under the occipital bone (which is also called the Bone of Knowledge).
  3. Bring it back round to the front hairline where you started.


If you are measuring on top of your natural hair, we would advise that you ensure it is as flat as possible to give you an accurate measurement.

Getting the right wig size is important and we hope you feel more confident with how to measure for your correct wig size as it will make a difference to how comfortable you feel. If you are worried about your wig being too big and slipping or being so tight that you get a headache, you are much less likely to wear it. Besides, we want to see you looking and feeling amazing. For more exact measurements please read the individual description on each wig.

When it comes to size, Medium/Petite is our most popular choice of size. Around 90% of customers opt for an Medium/Petite cap size which has a circumference of 21.5” (54.6 cm). Even if you don’t fall into this exact fit, all our wigs come with adjustable pull straps which give around 1” (2.5 cm) either way so your wig can be tightened or slackened to fit snugly on your scalp.

Sizing up wigs for beginners

Cap size Circumference
Petite 21” (53.3 cm)
Medium/Petite 21.5” (54.6cm)
Medium 22” (55.8cm)
Large 23” (58.4cm)


The best wigs for beginners and first-timers

If you are wearing a wig for the first time, you may want a subtle transition from your natural colour and style. Choosing a wig that is close to your natural colour and cut can initially help you feel more comfortable until you feel more confident experimenting with new and different styles.

Our most popular selling wig, Hairlucinationswigs lovely Lizzie, shares her own personal wig journey and how she loves to try out new looks as often as she can, encouraging other ladies to change their wig style with confidence. Learn more about the Lizzie wig HERE. Once you have purchased a wig, you can ask your hairdresser to cut the wig into a shape which complements your facial features and give you a look that makes you feel like ‘you’ again.

Lace Front Wigs

Hairlucinationswigs recommends that if you like to wear your hair away from your face, a lace front wig is a perfect choice. This delicate finish allows you to part your hair in whatever place suits you best and the superfine front section provides the all-important undetectable hairline.

A lace front wig is also great for ladies suffering from complete hair loss as many of our range are fitted with a non-slip poly strip, which is discreetly fitted into the front of each cap for reliable staying power day after day.

Experimental wig wearers

If you like to experiment with different styles, hand tied wigs are a great way to change up your style without compromising on the look and feel of your wig. Each individual hair is lovingly hand-tied onto a soft mesh cap to provide a super-comfortable and super-soft fit. There are no wefts and no mechanical stitching used to imitate all-over natural hair growth, even if you look really closely! So play around with the style of your new wig as if it were your own natural locks!