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About the Beatrice Purple Leopard Print Turban

We, at Hairlucinations, love this Beatrice Purple Leopard turban. It is a beautiful addition to the latest collection from the Christine Headwear series.

A soft, comfortable turban which will sit softly and look incredibly stylish. It is made out of 95% bamboo, and 5% spandex. For an extra dash of style this scarf has long ties that you can wrap around your head for a different look. The choices are limitless!

The Beatrice turban is made from natural bamboo and viscose fabric. Ideal for absorbing perspiration if wearing due to complete hair loss. All Christine products are CE marked.

This is a very versatile turban to experiment with.

Material: 95% bamboo viscose, 5% spandex

Purple Leopard Print
Christine Headwear

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