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Hairlucinations is pleased to welcome the Beatrice Summer Splash Turban into its headwear portfolio this season. Here is a fabulous scarf that will complement most of your wardrobe this season and into the next.

This turban is perfect if you are wearing this piece due to total hair loss, as it will not cling to your head. It will softly follow your natural head contour.

This turban is created from a material that is made from the residue of the Bamboo plant. This fibre has numerous benefits including it being non-static, so it will not cling to your head. Bamboo also absorbs and evaporates sweat in an instant, so this particular turban will have a moisture evaporating effect. Perfect for summertime. This turban will be highly breathable in hot weather during summer days.

This turban design is suitable to wear no matter what occasion or activity you have. This is a very versatile turban to experiment with. There is a reason that the Christine Headwear turbans are on our BEST SELLING list, they are fabulous ALWAYS.

Material: 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex

Summer Splash Turban
Christine Headwear

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