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It's All About Claire

Introducing the Claire Wig from the Noriko collection by René of Paris, a captivating addition to your wig collection that exudes elegance and style. Crafted by René of Paris, this wig offers a harmonious blend of features that enhance your natural beauty and ensure a confident everyday look.

Key Features:

  • Textured and feminine style with soft flicks and flips.
  • Extended fringe measuring 14cm, allowing versatile side-swept styling.
  • Elevated crown height with meticulous MACHINE WEFTED construction for enduring style and volume retention.
  • Feathered side layers, adaptable for both face-framing and curled preferences.
  • Modern and feminine contour with textured volume at the back; subtly thinned towards the nape for a natural neckline and lighter tips.

The Claire Wig combines flips, flicks, texture, and crown height in perfect harmony. This synergy results in a genuinely natural appearance, empowering you with a wearable piece that radiates confidence day to day. Explore the allure of the Claire Wig and elevate your style effortlessly.

Any additional products needed for styling or maintenance of your wig can be found in our WIG ACCESSORIES collection.

Claire wig
René of Paris
Noriko Collection

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